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Invest in your construction project with confidence. At Tried and True Roofing and Construction, we’re the leading roofing company in the Unicoi, TN area. Our reliable team offers top-quality roofing and construction services with the best workmanship. We know your roof is the primary layer to protect your home from the elements, so we combine the best equipment and materials to get exceptional results.

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We have over a decade of experience helping homeowners with their roofing and construction needs. Our team is qualified to provide roofing solutions that match your home’s needs and design. The biggest reward is that you’re satisfied with the results.

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Looking for comprehensive roofing services in Unicoi, TN? We’re the ones to call. Whether you need a roofer or deck builder, we are prepared to help you with high-quality materials and techniques. We’re a customer-focused roofing company ready to evaluate your needs! Contact us today at (423) 946-9363 to get a free estimate.

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